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I stumbled upon Tarot 2014, at the mature age of 34. And man, was Tarot the tool I needed! It helped me turn my (by education and predisposition) heavily intellectual/rational way of looking at life into a much more intuitive, receptive and open one. The Tarot is for me a meditative tool that helps me connect with my feelings, my subconscious, my soul and 'The the Flow of the Universe/Creator'. 
It helps me direct my thoughts were they "should" be in the moment.
It helps me cut through all the "voices" and noise within, and move forward in a 'soul aligned direction'. 
It helps me to 'connect the dots'. 
It helps me shine light into my shadowy parts. 

I do NOT use Tarot for 'predicting the future'. 
I do NOT use Tarot for snooping around in others' businesses. 
I use it to get to know myself, understanding my situation, heal myself, and continuously become a better version of myself. To act in alignment with my soul and my 'God Given Purpose'.


By education I'm also a M.Sc in mechanics and a Hoof Care Provider!

Other tools I'm found of are natal horoscopes and personal dream interpretation - the natal horoscope is such an awesome 'map' of our individual 'energetic configuration', and I love how dream language speaks in such personal ways with each and every individual, and holds so much information and guidance! 


Picking up the first Tarot deck at the post office back when it all begun was such a strange uncomfortable experience, but long story short: now I'm a Tarot enthusiast, and I have a collection of approx 200 Tarot Decks
I rarely choose which one to use, but leave that to a 'randomizer'. As I don't believe in coincidences, I see it (and certainly experience it) as I'm directed to the exactly right deck, with the most suiting theme, images and interpretation, in the moment.
In my "system", each deck by itself represents a specific theme, perspective and/or subject. Giving the reading/answer/advice a kind of headline/direction already before the actual reading begins.
Rather than pulling a lot of cards and deciding questions, I have a more "multidimensional approach", and let the cards/universe point me in a direction. I'm not 'forcing answers', I let the 'universe' give me the information I most need in the moment (I always let a randomizer pick out the deck for me).
I stay away from the future, but like having one eye in the past and ask 'why', trace the steps, and see how everything fit so well together. 
I use Tarot - and all the other tools I use - for heightened clarity and soul alignment/guidance rather than Q&A.


I have NO "medial or psychic gifts" at all - I don't even have images in my head. A state called Aphantasia. Hence, 'visualization' is not a favourite tools - I just can't "see myself in a forest" or myself "surrounded by light". I get no images whatsoever reading the lengthy descriptions in Lord of the Rings, and I can't conjure images, taste, sounds, smells of yesterdays dinner. 

I have an uncanny intuitive logic though. A capacity to ''connect the dots', 'sense invisible connections' - by experience, inclination, and deep studies. My mind has a capacity and tendency to 'get it' and 'see how it all fits together' way before I understand it (and sometimes I never even reach understanding).
I can describe things "way above my pay-grade" even if I don't understand, because I "just see how it must be", putting pieces together. It admittedly frightens me sometimes :)
I clearly sense when "something is off". When pieces of the puzzle is missing. 
The story of my life by the way - I've always had a hard time sensing what's "right" for me, but sensing something is off, I always walked and chose 'the least wrong', in search for 'more information'.

And yes, I'm a badass at jigsaw puzzles. I never "try" pieces. I screen after the right one, pick it up, and put it in place. 
I love those logical tests, "how will this look if you fold it" and such - I look, and intuitively know. 


7 great inspiration sources on my journey

To mention a few. See more here.

  • C.G. Jung - helped me to finally stop being afraid of my own inside, my psyche, and gave me the awesome tool of dream interpretation (always had a great fascination for dreams)
  • Dr Wayne Dyer - the directness of his wisdom is lovely, and his constant reminder that You is the one responsible for Your life and your experience of it! "If you squeeze an orange - orange juice comes out!", "If you change the way you look at things, things change", "How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours."
  • Eckhart Tolle - Mr Now. For some reason I avoided his teachings for years, and didn't turn to them until 2020. WOW. I opened that door in just the right time in my life! "Accept what is", "Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.", "Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you.", "Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.".
    Then there's the super interesting "(personal and collective) painbody", the fascinating "story of the ego"
  • Thomas Moore - love his wisdom and writings on the peculiar language of the Soul; it's mysterious and hidden needs.
  • Gary Zukav - the inspiration I've got from him can be summarized in "aligning your personality with your soul", "Authentic Power", "healing frightened parts of your personality", "acting from the most loving place accessible", "respond, not react", "emotional awareness", "The Earth School".
  • Peter Crone - WOW! The Mind Architect. The guy described as a mix between Buddha, Einstein and Austin Powers, baby. Not much more to say - seek him out (featured in lots of podcasts) and LISTEN!! 
  • Mo Gawdat - mission: One Billion Happy. The Happiness Equation. Slow MoScary Smart - how you (I/we) can save the world.
  • Mastin Kipp - So it's actually NOT just about "changing your thoughts, changing your life" - nervous system (dys)regulation! It's NOT just about repeating loving affirmations and changing outdated habits if your system doesn't believe you, and doesn't feel safe. And Trauma ain't just about being beaten or abused - Where Have This Information/Knowledge Been All My Life?!?! 

Why Mirror Living

Beside using the tools presented and drawing inspiration from wise people mentioned above, I use all and everything around me for my personal development and refinement. That is, my conviction is that everything that happens (for, not to, you), and everyone you meet, are there for a reason - that everything and everyone reflect something of myself or represents something that's needed for my growth. Even (or especially) triggers.

For me to become aware of, to accept, to reflect upon, for my process of becoming more and more conscious, as a part of the general awakening of consciousness going on, evolutionary speaking. 

Reflective living.

And yes, To Heal Trauma, and make happiness a priority in life!

I have my Taurus Chiron in The House of Trauma - 8th. Squaring my North Node in Leo 10th, opposing Mercury in deep diving Scorpio 2nd.
I have whole bunch of planets in 1st house, Libra - reflecting how balance and working on myself is such an important part of my life and well-being. 
I have a very off seated lonely Moon, carrying many aspects - mirroring the challenge it is for me to "cut through the noise and know what I feel and intuit". She's opposed by Neptune - I'm easily swayed and distracted from my own feelings.  She's also opposed by Mars - I'm easily angered by my emotions, I have to be extra mindful whenever I 'take action'.

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