"Just as the imbalances in our individual consciousness are reflected in our personal relationships and in the daily events of our lives, so the imbalance in the collective consciousness are reflected in our communities, our nation, our relationships with other countries, and our relationship to the Earth."

"...taking responsibility for our [own] part in the creation of our world does not mean taking or assigning blame."

We all "...play an important part in the fascinating, unfolding process of evolution that is taking place on this planet. We are doing this for our own learning and empowerment, and we each have special gifts that are needed in this world."

You cannot be a democrat in the outside world  if you are a tyrant within.

"Important strides can be made through social, political, legal, and other types of external action toward dealing with the problems of racism, sexism, religious bigotry, poverty, violence, and all the other ills that plague humanity. However, I don't believe that for any of these problems we can find broad, lasting solutions, reaching the deepest levels of our being, until we as individuals are able to confront, acknowledge, and heal these ills at their source - within our own psyches"